A visual to see just how large our cities are in the San Gabriel Valley. We need more shelters!

  • Sgvm

    San Gabriel Valley Emergency shelter!


  • Monrovia pop: 36, 817
  • Arcadia pop: 52, 951
  • Baldwin Park pop: 75,753
  • W. Covina pop: 104,893
  • El Monte  pop: 116,249
  • A few cities with stats. from 2000 census.  So imagine a lot more people in need of Emergency shelter.
  • There is only one Emergency shelter in The San Gabriel Valley.  This needs to change.

Young females!

Are you concerned about young females in our world?  In your family?  Or the girl down the street?  If you are not, then you should be.  The very  essence of being young and female is being turned into a circus act.  We are female and we are a billion dollar commodity!  How young is too young?  And why do people justify the objectification of not only woman, yet young girls?  While coming across this Vogue article, I read the threads and they are quite disturbing!  It is as if some people can not discern sexual content from non sexual content.  And, I am sorry folks, this is highly sexual content all packaged in a child!  Bravo Vogue.  You have sealed your part in participating in criminal behavior.  It is criminal! I for one do not know what the answers are to try and get away from the current trend that society keeps promoting. I think that dialog and then action is needed to change course. To change hearts that will allow us to raise and treat our young females, our precious girls with respect, joy filled hearts and with grace. We must allow them to be children.