There’s no such thing as a child prostitute. End of story.

Have you ever heard of a child referred to as a “prostitute?”  Well, that is how the media refers to children that are for whatever reason caught up in the life of forced prostitution. A child under California law can not give consent for sex.  However, that is going to change due to this bill, SB1322.

SB1322 was created by Senator of California, Holly Mitchell.  This bill was initiated to change not only the language used to describe children being trafficked for sex, but also to change the judicial system in the way that a child sex trafficked is handled via the court and the juvenile delinquent system throughout California.  Instead of arresting children that are sex trafficked, they in turn will receive restoration services that will help them heal and become whole again.


Hopefully this bill will resonate within all states and counties and not just California. Rights4Girls, a non-profit championed the phrase #nosuchthing.  Meaning there is “No such thing as a child prostitute.”  This new law will be the paradigm shift needed to force the Global Media to change its language when referring to an underage child being trafficked for sex.   This new culture shift will also create an awareness and send a strong message to those that sell children and to those that buy children, that they are criminals and what they are doing is raping children.  Stealing their innocents for the pleasure of man.

The next time you hear the Media refer to a child or a teen as a prostitute, please be sure to tell them that they are disparaging a child and giving support to all those that take part in trafficking children.  Traffickers, pimps and buyers are the one’s that need to be arrested for these atrocities committed against children.  Maybe that will be the next law implemented.  A law that declares that if a person is deemed a trafficker, a pimp or a buyer of children then they have one strike. ” One Stike” and it’s jail for a long time.  No more excuses!

A visual to see just how large our cities are in the San Gabriel Valley. We need more shelters!

  • Sgvm

    San Gabriel Valley Emergency shelter!

  • Monrovia pop: 36, 817
  • Arcadia pop: 52, 951
  • Baldwin Park pop: 75,753
  • W. Covina pop: 104,893
  • El Monte  pop: 116,249
  • A few cities with stats. from 2000 census.  So imagine a lot more people in need of Emergency shelter.
  • There is only one Emergency shelter in The San Gabriel Valley.  This needs to change.

Young females!

Are you concerned about young females in our world?  In your family?  Or the girl down the street?  If you are not, then you should be.  The very  essence of being young and female is being turned into a circus act.  We are female and we are a billion dollar commodity!  How young is too young?  And why do people justify the objectification of not only woman, yet young girls?  While coming across this Vogue article, I read the threads and they are quite disturbing!  It is as if some people can not discern sexual content from non sexual content.  And, I am sorry folks, this is highly sexual content all packaged in a child!  Bravo Vogue.  You have sealed your part in participating in criminal behavior.  It is criminal! I for one do not know what the answers are to try and get away from the current trend that society keeps promoting. I think that dialog and then action is needed to change course. To change hearts that will allow us to raise and treat our young females, our precious girls with respect, joy filled hearts and with grace. We must allow them to be children.